1. INDEMNITY: All persons using the Inflatable and/or equipment agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tavern Promotions cc against any and all claims arising for damage to property or bodily injury including death, resulting from the use, operation or possession of the item/s whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or part from Tavern Promotions cc negligence from the defective condition of the item/s or from any cause whatsoever.

2. Although every effort is made by Tavern Promotions cc to ensure the safety of the equipment, The Hirer assumes liability and is responsible to notify patrons that the equipment is used entirely at their own risk. Furthermore the hirer confirms that he/she is satisfied with the condition of the item/s and with the instructions given by Tavern Promotions cc on the proper and safe use of such item/s and that he/she will ensure that the item/s are used solely for the purpose for which they are intended.

3. The Inflatables and/or equipment rented always remain the exclusive property of Tavern Promotions cc.

4. The Hirer shall not at any time alienate, hire out, lend or in any other way deal with the inflatables and/or equipment.

5. The Hirer confirms that he/she has inspected the Pub/equipment and has bought to the attention of a Tavern Promotions cc representative any defects that he/she may be aware of. The hirer understands that he/she will be held liable for the loss through theft, or for any and all damage to Inflatables and/or equipment and/or motor whilst in his/her possession. The Hirer further understands that he/she will be held liable for all costs incurred in repairing, or should the item be deemed damaged beyond repair or lost through theft, the full replacement costs of the inflatables and/or equipment and/or motor.

6. Tavern Promotions cc does not accept any responsibility for loss, damage or injury to any person/s or property whatsoever.

7. The Pub must not be inflated or used in high winds, even when pegged down as this can lead to serious injury.

8. The Hirer undertakes to ensure that the electrical power supply is well earthed and the earth leakage is in full working condition. Tavern Promotions cc will not be held responsible if the earth leakage is not fully operational, furthermore Tavern Promotions cc cannot be help responsible for any interruption to the power supply for any reason whatsoever.